2021-22 Panini Obsidian Football Checklist, Hobby Box Info, Release Date

2021-22 Panini Obsidian Soccer is a product for collectors who love chrome but are looking for a different approach. Custom for the brand, there are some notable differences when you compare it to other lines like Prizm and Select. Setup-wise, Obsidian is top of the line, with more than half of the cards in each box being an autograph or keepsake card. There is also the look that replaces the traditional silver look with something dark.

Panini Obsidian Soccer 2021-22 Checklist Details

With 200 cards, the base set is large. It’s also difficult with only one standard card per box. Base cards are serial number 105.

As for the selection of players, the field is wide. Some players are shown representing their national teams. All 20 Premier League teams are also in the set.

While colors are the theme of the Electric Etch parallels, most take a different approach with the bottom lines getting the rainbow treatment. Electric Etch colors include:

  • Purple – /30
  • Orange-/25
  • Blue – /20
  • Neon yellow – /10
  • Green – /5
  • Blue Finished – 1/1

The additional versions Neon Blue Flood (/12), Contra (/9) and Neon Green Flood (/3) change the background color, creating contrast against other cards.

2021-22 Panini Obsidian Soccer Neon Green Flood Bruno Fernandes

The parallels combine to land one per hobby box.

Autographs, souvenir cards and other inserts

Four of the seven cards in each box are hits. Aurora Autographs is one of three places to find autographs.

The checklist has five memory themes, including three-sample Trifecta materials.

Four additional Autograph Relic sets are also on the checklist. Matrix Materials Autographs is one of them. Base versions are numbered up to 149 with additional Electric Etch parallels available in purple (/75), orange (/50), red (/25), yellow (/10), green (/5) and finished blue (1/1) .

Rounding out 2021-22 Obsidian Soccer are a few regular insert sets, which are combined per hobby box.

Tunnel Vision and Equinox (/99) both use die-cut designs. Equinox parallels include Electric Etch Purple (/60), Electric Etch Orange (/30), Electric Etch Red (/20), Electric Etch Yellow (/10), Electric Etch Contra (/9), Electric Etch Green (/5 ) , and Electric Etch Blue Finish (1/1).

Black Color Blast is a success. These resemble the Color Blast cards often found in Panini Prizm builds. However, instead of a white background, these stick with Obsidian’s darker look.

2021-22 Panini Obsidian Soccer Black Color Blast Pedri

Panini Obsidian Soccer 2021-22 cards at a glance:

Cards per deck: Hobby – 7
Packages per box: Hobby – 1
Boxes per case: Hobby – 12
Game size: 200 cards
Release date (subject to change): March 30, 2022

What to expect in a hobby box:

  • Autographs or souvenir cards – 4 total
  • Inserts – 1
  • Parallels – 1
  • Base Cards – 1

Latest Panini Obsidian Soccer releases:

The complete Panini Obsidian Soccer 2021-22 checklist will be available as soon as it is released, likely shortly before the set is released.

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