Monthly Archives: March 2021

Smartphone maker Xiaomi plans to build electric vehicles

Consumer electronics company Xiaomi Communications Co. appears to be the latest manufacturer to enter the electric mobility race. The Beijing-based company plans to create Xiaomi-branded electric vehicles. The company will use a Chinese manufacturing plant owned by Great Wall Motors. In its current state, Xiaomi is an electronics company based on an Internet of Things […]

New Long Island breweries to discover this spring

Are we finally going through the looking glass? If measured only by new breweries, maybe it does. Like everything else, however, the mini brewery renaissance among us did not come without pain. At the beginning of Annus horribilis 2020, a slew of new breweries were due to go live – in Riverhead, Bellport, Lindenhurst – […]

Five new Marie Curie fellows join Aalto – India Education | Latest Education News | Global education news

Marie Curie Action Individual Fellowships are funded by the European Commission and are very competitive. This year, five researchers from around the world received money to come to Aalto to study in groups at the School of Science and the School of Chemical Engineering. Details of their projects are listed below. ENBIOMECH Dr Sandra Kaabel […]

Cornell creates the world’s smallest self-folding origami bird

Scientists at Cornell University have developed a self-folding origami bird that is barely 60 microns wide. The bird is just one of the many little robots that roam Cornell’s labs. Someday, microscopic robots will be able to train themselves and get to work in all kinds of small spaces. Cornell University has just announced what […]

Appropriate insulation is still lacking – sciencedaily

For decades, microelectronics has evolved towards increasingly small and compact transistors. 2D materials such as graphene are considered here as a beacon of hope: they are the thinnest layers of materials that can exist, made up of one or a few atomic layers. However, they can conduct electrical currents – conventional silicon technology, on the […]