Allentown Art Museum dives into Rembrandt’s world | Regional News from Lehigh Valley

ALLENTOWN, PA – At the Allentown Art Museum, Rembrandt’s “Portrait of a Young Woman” continues to capture the imagination of visitors.

Some are captivated by its beauty, others by the drama behind its provenance, which was confirmed as the master’s work three years ago during conservation. Now, curators are exploring Rembrandt’s mystery further with additional prints.

“This exhibit really gives people a chance to better understand why Rembrandt is so important? Why do we still want to look at his work after so many centuries,” said Elaine Mehalakes, vice president of curatorial affairs at the museum. .

Mehalakes says that a little known fact is that for Rembrandt printmaking was just as important as painting and drawing. The series includes biblical depictions, portraits, and studies of characters who were considered unique or unfiltered for the time.

“The way Rembrandt approaches them is that he thinks about the story and the psychology of the person going through this narrative,” Mehalakes said.

Mehalakes says Rembrandt was an innovator, starting with a copper plate and using etching, etching, and drypoint techniques to create subtle but powerful games with darkness and light.

Several times he created several stages of a work to get the right emotion.

The return of Rembrandt: a complement of prints is on display until April 3.

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