BD enters the varicose vein treatment market with Venclose buy

BD enters a new market for its venous therapy portfolio with treatments for varicose veins with its latest acquisition. The medical tech giant is buying catheter therapy developer Venclose for an undisclosed sum.

Varicose veins are one aspect of a larger disease known as chronic venous insufficiency, which affects up to 40% of women and 17% of men in the United States, according to the companies. Dysfunction of the valves in the vessels themselves can cause blood to pool in the legs, resulting in enlarged, twisted, and sometimes painful veins.

The Venclose procedure uses a radiofrequency ablation catheter, which is threaded through the compromised vein and provides heat to help narrow and close the blood vessel. When complete, the blood will naturally redirect its flow to nearby healthy veins.

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Venclose also offers treatments for incompetent perforating veins, with a FDA approval in October which deals with the separate category of veins that can cause more serious symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency, such as painful leg ulcers.

Radiofrequency ablation is the treatment of choice for chronic venous insufficiency, according to BD, and may offer less pain and bruising compared to external laser therapies to zap varicose veins.

In addition, the Venclose system, available at various healthcare facilities in the United States and Europe, is capable of delivering heat to two different lengths of the same catheter. With 2.5cm and 10cm heating zones, the device can ablate both short and long venous segments, while covering a larger area in a faster time than competitors with larger devices. small.

Other companies offer adhesive-based treatments, such as Medtronic’s VenaSeal, which uses a catheter to deliver small amounts of medical glue to seal dilated veins from the inside via an outpatient procedure.

The acquisition adds to BD’s current venous therapy catalog of hospital stent grafts that treat venous obstructions and damage, as well as its significant blood collection business based on its ubiquitous Vacutainer product line. The deal will also help the company make the transition to new venous care environments, according to BD’s global president for peripheral procedures, Paddy O’Brien.

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Earlier this year, BD purchased another manufacturer of catheters aimed at streamlining blood collection in hospitals. Velano Vascular’s needleless intravenous catheter collects blood further into the vessel after an IV line is placed. The former Fierce 15 winner enables clinicians to collect clean samples without additional needle sticks during a hospital stay.

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