Best Over / Under, Spread, Teaser and Prop bets

Derek carr

Derek carr
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Writing these primers while you’re sick isn’t fun. An instant cure, however, would guarantee another winning week. The streak is five in a row entering this slate.

Over / Under: 8-3-1

Spreads: 7-5

Trailer: 6-6

Accessories: 6-6

Overall record *: 27-20-1, +6.67 units

* Each higher / lower bet is evaluated to win 2 units; all the rest for 1 unit

Better bet on / less

Las Vegas Raiders vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Over / Under: 47.5

Uh, overreaction from the linemakers?

By that I mean why is this total relatively deflated by 47.5? They are surely influenced by KC’s resurgence in defense.

Either way, it shouldn’t be that low and we’ll be looking to take advantage of that. Since the Derek Carr-Patrick Mahomes duels began in 2018, the average over / under number of their encounters was 53.5, just once less than 50 (49.5).

Yet here we have an over / under that’s about a shorter touchdown, despite these perennial AFC West rivals generating 55.9 total points per game on average every time they come in. collision in this time.

Mahomes has, as you might expect, played an influential role in setting these one-on-one trends. Over the course of his career, the former MVP holds a superb 109.7 passer rating against the Raiders while logging on 20 touchdown passes from just three interceptions.

Additionally, the Chiefs have averaged over 35 points per game in such clashes with Mahomes behind center. Only once did Kansas City fail to score at least 35 points, and this time it still saw them snag 28 on the scoreboard. In other words, no matter what, their all-time low is always beneficial for an excessive bet.

Carr, meanwhile, doesn’t have the best record against the Chiefs but I’m buying him right now for a quality outing.

In his last four games, Carr has scored over 90.0 passer rating in each, his first time scoring such a streak in more than a full calendar year. A good performance will be required anyway if the Raiders are to keep pace given Kansas City’s five-game winning streak.

This is also part of the basis for crossing a game with a higher score. The Chiefs are hot right now and when they are, how do you slow them down? Especially if it is a club that Mahomes and Co. takes care of brilliantly.

Just as important as anything, this won’t be your typical December Arrowhead game. Temperatures are expected to stay above 50 degrees, which is rare for a deal here at this end of the season.

Buy half a point also to be protected in case of final score 27-20 / 30-17. Picks: OVER 47 (-120)

Best spread bet

Atlanta Falcons vs. Carolina Panthers

Propagation: Falcons + 2.5 / Panthers -2.5

As sad as these two organizations have mostly been looking for the duration of the 2021 campaign, one of them may actually stay alive for a playoff spot by taking this fight.

Both registered at 5-7, a sixth triumph potentially places the winning team tied for last place on the Wild Card. This NFC South game could probably go both ways, so grab the team to get the points.

More likely than not, it will likely be a close game. The tipping point for me is what Cam Newton has done against Atlanta over the years. In fact, in 15 career meetings, he only has a passing mark of 79.4, a mark well below mediocrity.

And did you see the former No.1 draft pick in action last week? Newton managed a passer rating of 5.8 to 5.8! – because he only completed five of the 21 passes.

Obviously, he’s not quite here yet after spending most of the year “on the streets” before Carolina brings him back. To complicate matters, they fired offensive coordinator Joe Brady during the week off. Not exactly ideal.

On the contrary, his counterpart prospered upon seeing the Panthers. Even after a tough Week 8 performance, Matt Ryan still holds a delicious 94.5 passer rating against this opponent in 27 games. Atlanta is 17-10 in those games.

We’re going to tap into established trends from every QB1 within this divisional rivalry. It is also recommended to buy the half point and have the critical 3, the most important number of bets. Choice: FALCON +3 (-130)

Best teaser bet (2 teams, 7 points)

Seahawks -8.5 -> -1.5

Chargers -9.5 -> -2.5

For the first time this season, let’s pursue a teaser of the two-game variety. Of course, that means getting less points.

However, it doesn’t take much to work with these two competitions. First from the first window, we’re going to capitalize on Texans head coach David Culley’s laughable decree that Davis Mills is giving his club a better chance at winning than Tyrod Taylor. This is not 100% true at all.

Houston is 0-6 with Mills as a starter, scoring just double digits twice! It is pathetic ! They are 2-4 behind Taylor, who is the much more dynamic player. The Seahawks could also find one more step after last week’s big win.

To wrap up this teaser, the Chargers must deal with home affairs against an exhausted Giants team missing their starting quarterback. The filler guy has as much to do with including that leg as anything, as Glennon is a horrible 6-22 as a starting caller in the NFL.

To reiterate, that’s a 0.214 win percentage.

And he has to go on the road and beat a legitimate playoff contender? Do not arrive.

Best bet for the best player

Ezekiel Elliott Over / Under 58.5 yards

First of all. Is Tony Pollard dressing this afternoon after partially tearing his plantar fascia last week? No he is not.

Reports see it as a “decision during the game” – and on the more dubious side – but let’s be real. It’s such a painful injury that it should require at least a week of absence. And on top of that, he hasn’t trained all week.

So, we can assume that Elliott is in control of the backfield again, and with that comes a lot of touches.

Since there are currently no props for his over / under rush attempts, we’ll explore his rush distance instead. And that’s a number that Zeke would often pass with ease when he fully reigned over the racing game. Look for it to go back. Choice: MORE THAN 58.5 rushing yards (-120)

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