Carl Zeiss India congratulates Dr Ramya Sampath of Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital for performing maximum number of refractive surgeries in one day

Bangalore, Karnataka, India:
Dr Ramya Sampath of Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital, Chennai set a record by performing 200 refractive eye surgeries using the SMILE® on October 13, 2021. This has been verified by the editorial board of India Book of Records and will be featured in the book.

Dr Ramya Sampath and Dr Preethi Naveen operated together on 200 eyes of SMILE RELEX. The team started the procedures at 7.15 a.m. and finished the last procedure at 11:50 p.m. We congratulate both for this remarkable achievement and for helping these patients restore their vision using SMILE® – the latest innovation in refractive eye surgery.


SMILE or Small Iincision THEenticule Eextraction (SMILE) is a minimally invasive and innovative procedure. it’s the 3e generation of refractive eye surgery and the most advanced procedure. This is a bladeless, flapless procedure that is painless and provides the best patient outcomes compared to other generations of laser eye surgeries. Here, instead of laser ablation of the cornea, only a minimal amount is lasered to create a lenticule which is then extracted through a corneal keyhole incision. (Compare 2-4mm to 20mm used in LASIK for the creation of a flap). ReLEx stands for Refractive Lenticule Extraction, which is the most recent innovation in refractive surgery.

Advantages of the ReLEx SMILE procedure

With SMILE®, the majority of the upper corneal layers remain intact. This offers the potential for increased biomechanical preservation and stability. It is a bladeless, flapless, and painless procedure. SMILE® also reduces the incidence of post-operative complications such as infections, epithelial growth and flap dislocations. Thus, SMILE enables patients to lead active lives. SMILE only requires a small incision rather than a flap, therefore there are fewer severed nerves. Therefore, a significantly reduced incidence of dry eye is likely to be correlated.

5 reasons to SMILE

-Eye Strength Results in eye strength and long term corneal stability.
-Lens-free, SMILE® eliminates your need for glasses and contacts.
-Quick visual recovery, most people return to their normal activities the next day.
-The minimally invasive SMILE® procedure requires only a small incision (2-4 mm). This gentle procedure means low infection and no detachment of the flap.
-Quick and Simple: It only takes a few minutes from start to finish and the laser to reshape your cornea is only used for about 30 minutes.

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