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Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office honors lives lost, 9/11 first responders

Many are proud to never forget the day when America and Americans were attacked almost 20 years to the day. . For many, it is forever etched in memory. For Sheriff McGuffey, what stands out the most is the sight of first responders running around the towers as people run to safety. “We run when […]

Christopher Ward C60 # tide | HYPEBEAST

British brand Christopher Ward has added a new eco-friendly model to its collection of C60 diving watches using recycled ocean plastics. Following on from last year’s release of a bracelet produced in partnership with #tide SA, a Swiss company that collects and recycles ocean plastics in the form of wire or granules for injection molding, […]

Accelerate Growth with Precision Engraved Components – Med-Tech Innovation

Thanks to the specification of photochemically etched components, a German manufacturer was able to quickly increase its production of nebulizers with Precision Micro. For manufacturing companies looking to scale their operations quickly and affordably, leveraging their supply chain expertise can have a huge impact. It is this approach that has enabled a manufacturer of medical […]

Intel Foundry Services Gets $ 100 Million Pentagon Price Boost for US-Made Chips

Intel announced Monday that it has been awarded a contract for foundry services as part of a Department of Defense program to support advanced semiconductor manufacturing in the United States. While Intel’s share of the estimated $ 100 million price tag has not been disclosed, it is certain that it will boost Intel’s new foundry […]

Gravers Lane gallery launches its portfolio

Portfolio by Gravers Lane Gallery is a bi-monthly resource designed exclusively for the community of art consultants, interior design and architects. We specialize in contemporary 2 and 3 dimensional works, with a strong emphasis on materials and artisanal studio practices. Our associates are trained studio artists, experienced in managing site-specific private and public orders, managing […]

Major Key Players in Plasma Etching Systems Market: Oxford Instruments, ULVAC, Lam Research, AMEC, PlasmaTherm, etc.

A study conducted on the Plasma Etching System market offers substantial information on the market size and estimation, market share, growth, and importance of the product. The Plasma Etching Systems Market report consists of the in-depth analysis of the market which will help customers to gain knowledge about the Plasma Etching Systems market and use […]

Etch Hard Mask Market size, share and trend analysis report by application, type, region and segment forecast, 2021-2027

The research report takes an in-depth look at the changing landscape of the Global Etch Hard Mask Market using a comprehensive amount of data compiled by research analysts. It describes the current conditions of the global Etch Hard Mask market and presents information on the future performance of the industry during the forecast period 2021 […]

Bucks win (e)! Pre-order your championship wine now

Today, Ray’s Wine & Spirits, 8930 W. North Ave., announced the Wine of a Lifetime Offer. Well, at least the half-century wine supply. The local store has a pre-sale line of wines celebrating the Milwaukee Bucks’ NBA Championship. Wine pre-orders are accepted from today (Friday August 6) through Monday August 9, with pickup on Friday […]

Nanofabrication offers valuable solutions for storing renewable energies

Image bank. Researchers at the University of Cambridge are developing photo-rechargeable batteries – solar cells that use light to store charge, then release it as needed (Shutterstock) Nanofabrication uses scalable, high-throughput processes for the commercial production of nanoscale materials, structures and devices. This means characteristics with dimensions between one and 100 nanometers. At the lower […]