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Global market for pesticides and other agricultural chemicals,

The market for the manufacture of pesticides and other agricultural chemicals comprises the sales of pesticides and other agricultural chemicals by several entities (organizations, independent traders or partnerships) that express and formulate agricultural and household pest control chemicals (excluding fertilizers), pesticides and other agricultural chemicals. According to the report’s analysis, the “Global Pesticides and Other […]

Nanotechnology opens up employment opportunities in various industries

The word “nano” refers to the length scale (a nanometer is one billionth of a meter) which is a thousand times smaller than the micro scale, the scale traditionally associated with the electronics industry. Viruses and DNA are examples of natural objects at the nanoscale; on the other hand, a human cell can appear enormous. […]

Nanomaterials built on DNA could trap and neutralize the virus

There are many viral infections around the world, but no antidote has yet been found to be labeled as highly effective against the virus. The Technical University of Munich or the experts from TUM have recently developed a new method in this area using nanotechnology. DNA nanocapsules vs viral infection (Photo: Elena-Marie Willner / DietzLab […]

Shell strength: solid from shelf to shelf

“Humans tend to underestimate or overlook what they cannot perceive. But things that are invisible can have the greatest meaning and determine whether or not you produce successfully, ”explains Xabier Arbe. To take an unprecedented look at shell strength, the perfect packaging for quality egg product, H&N International turned to one of the world’s most […]

The microstructure found in the beetle’s exoskeleton contributes to color resistance and damage – sciencedaily

Scarabs are creatures with a built-in bulletproof vest. They are tiny reservoirs covered with hard shells, also known as exoskeletons, protecting their soft, skeletal-less bodies inside. In addition to providing armored protection, the beetle’s exoskeleton offers functions such as sensory feedback and hydration control. Notably, the exoskeletons of many beetles are also brightly colored and […]

Parasites manipulate the praying mantis’s perception of polarized light, causing it to jump into water – sciencedaily

Researchers have found that praying mantids (mantids) infected with parasitic hairworms are attracted to horizontally polarized light that is strongly reflected from the water surface, causing them to enter the water. In a world first, these research results demonstrate that parasites can manipulate the host’s specific light-sensing system to their advantage, causing the host to […]

The agricultural nanotechnology market will experience massive growth

Agricultural nanotechnology market What is the future of the global agricultural nanotechnology market? Compare yourself with the strategic milestones and conclusions recently published by WADA. According to a survey, the agricultural nanotechnology market will reach significant revenue in the future with a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of XX%. The latest study published on the […]

3D printing technology to advance dental and facial reconstruction

3D printing technology will be used to reconstruct human teeth, bones and tissue at the University of Queensland’s new Center for Orofacial Regeneration, Reconstruction and Rehabilitation (COR3). Professor Saso Ivanovski, school principal and center director at UQ School of Dentistry, said the team’s exceptional skills and experience have the potential to advance oral and facial […]

ORU scientist helps develop new nanoparticle technology

Nanoscale cover image Tulsa, OK – Oral Roberts University scientist Dr Enrique Valderrama-Araya, who, together with materials scientists from Brazil, China, UK and USA, developed a new hydrogen evolution reaction to explore the extent of dissolution of platinum nanoparticles at the surface of nanostructured carbon electrodes. The team’s research, recently published in Nanoscale, a high-impact […]

Smartphone maker Xiaomi plans to build electric vehicles

Consumer electronics company Xiaomi Communications Co. appears to be the latest manufacturer to enter the electric mobility race. The Beijing-based company plans to create Xiaomi-branded electric vehicles. The company will use a Chinese manufacturing plant owned by Great Wall Motors. In its current state, Xiaomi is an electronics company based on an Internet of Things […]