EXCLUSIVE: Expert Reveals Reasons Behind Dark Gums And Ways To Treat Them

These dark or discolored gums can be bothersome for some. While many might even think that they are suffering from an illness. However, none of this is true. Melanin, as dentists say, is responsible for the color of your gums. The greater the secretion, the darker your gums appear.

It’s perfectly normal to have light or dark colored gums as long as you don’t see another problem with it.

“Americans have pink gums, while Africans have darker gums, so you see, it depends on the secretion of melanin. Either one is fine, ”says Dr Praveen Kumar, dental director at Fortis Hospital in Noida.

However, he points out, certain habits like smoking and tobacco use can also lead to dark gums. “We all know how harmful smoking and chewing tobacco is to our overall health, including our gums. Those who have either of the two habits may present with black gums. In addition, genetics also have a role to play in determining the color of your gums, ”says Kumar.

But if you find that your gums are suddenly getting dark, you may need to see a dentist at the earliest. “There is a gum tumor called melanoma. This is a pathological condition and here you need to consult your dentist. One of the rare signs of melanoma may be if your gums have started to change color from light to dark suddenly, ”Kumar tells you.

Kumar says that while dark gums are usually not a problem, but those seeking treatment may experience scratching of the gums. “In this procedure, the dentist will scrape the outer layer of your gums with a scraper and the new layer that grows will naturally be lighter in color. The second treatment is laser ablation. The laser is used to remove the outer layer, leaving room for a new, healthier layer, ”says Kumar. He adds that both processes are completely safe and almost permanent. There is no food restriction after the procedures, just limit or avoid coffee for a few days.

An advice. “First, for anyone looking for healthy teeth and gums, it is essential that you visit your dentist every six months. This will prevent you from many oral diseases. Second, you should avoid smoking and chewing tobacco at all costs. Third, in order to keep your gums healthy, massage them gently every day or, at least, three times a week. You can use mustard oil to do this, ”advises Kumar.

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