FDA clears new esophageal temperature probe for sale in US

March 05, 2022

1 minute read

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Circa Scientific has announced that it has received FDA clearance for the sale in the United States of its esophageal temperature probe.

According to a company release, the new probe (S-CATH M) provides edge-to-edge coverage of the esophagus and can be viewed on 3D cardiac mapping systems, potentially reducing physicians’ reliance on fluoroscopy and decreasing radiation exposure.

Sign outside FDA headquarters in Washington, DC.

Source: Adobe Stock

“We designed S-CATH M to support physicians’ efforts to minimize the amount of radiation their patients and staff are exposed to during their procedures without compromising the features that set our product portfolio apart.” Lee Geistpresident and CEO of Circa Scientific, said in the statement.

Four electrodes along the centerline of the new probe allow it to be placed, positioned and visualized on 3D mapping, according to the statement. The probe is also designed to limit the amount of exposed metal to what is absolutely necessary to be detected on 3D cardiac mapping systems and minimize the risk of radio frequency interaction.

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