Five STN EXPO Reno exhibitors honored with top innovation awards

Routing software, video camera systems, new electric buses and air filtration systems stood out to STN EXPO Reno attendees, who chose five companies as winners of the new STN EXPO Innovation Choice Awards.

STN has determined that 77 valid votes were cast on July 18 and 19, representing more than 15% of the 508 eligible conference and trade show attendees. All 106 exhibiting companies were eligible to participate in the rewards program, with 25 companies choosing to participate in the evaluation of a product or solution introduced to the market since August last year.

“Giving our attendees the opportunity to vote for the best new products available at STN EXPO highlights extraordinary product innovations,” commented Tony Corpin, Publisher of School Transportation News magazine and President of STN Media Group. “Our goal is to help school bus operators identify new areas of efficiency, safety, green energy, health and wellness, so they can have a positive impact on the communities they live in. they serve.

GreenPower Motors and its Nano BEAST Type A battery-electric school bus tied with Zonar Systems and its EVIR EV configuration for first place in “Best Green Technology,” which had the most crowded field with 14 entries. The Nano BEAST is the only Type A available that is not built on a cutaway chassis, but instead is fully integrated using the company’s EV Star platform, which has over 200 units shipped and in service across North America.

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The Zonar EVIR EV is based on the company’s patented and award-winning electronic verification inspection report solution, but is tailored to the differences of battery electric vehicles. In addition to the basic functionality to ensure that pre- and post-trip inspections are performed and performed correctly, EVIR EV also ensures that electric buses are properly charged for their routes. This includes ensuring that the chargers are disconnected before the bus moves and that they are reconnected at the end of the operation.

Transfinder was selected as “Best Software” with 45% of the total votes for its Transfinder Trifecta, one of 10 entries. The trio consists of Routefinder PLUS, Wayfinder and Stopfinder, the company’s most robust routing software, an all-in-one vehicle navigation app for bus drivers and a parent app for getting information about the bus stop and the route of their children.

Trans-Air Manufacturing and its Safer Air Module, or SAM, received the top spot as “Best Health and Wellness Technology” with more than 27% of the votes out of six entries. The product uses ionization and filtering technology in a compact, easy-to-install module, separate from the air conditioning or heating system, to negatively charge ions attached to positively charged viruses, bacteria and allergens in order to neutralize them. Trans-Air claims SAM has been shown to be 99.4% effective against COVID-19.

Rounding out the accolades, Safety Vision and its Road Recorder 9000NVR won the ‘Best Hardware’ award with nearly 52% of the votes out of four entries. The high-definition surveillance system offers recording resolutions up to 4K and is interchangeable from proprietary Linux operating system to non-proprietary Windows operating system. Road Recorder offers up to 16TB of solid-state storage and can support up to 36 IP cameras via eight M12 PoE ports as well as Wi-Fi access points, internal battery backup and power supply .

The 2nd Annual STN Innovation Choice Awards are scheduled to be voted on in Reno on July 17-18, 2023.

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