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Portfolio by Gravers Lane Gallery is a bi-monthly resource designed exclusively for the community of art consultants, interior design and architects. We specialize in contemporary 2 and 3 dimensional works, with a strong emphasis on materials and artisanal studio practices. Our associates are trained studio artists, experienced in managing site-specific private and public orders, managing client / art consultations, and overseeing the transport, handling and installation of artwork. professional art.

We are looking forward to cooperate with you.

Bruce Hoffman, Barbara Botting, Bo-In Kim

Robin tedesco

“Shaved table” – 2021

Oil on panel

8 ″ x 24 ″

Robin Tedesco is an artist and educator, living and working in Philadelphia. His fine arts degrees are from the Moore College of Art (BFA), the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and the University of Delaware (MFA). His abstract oil paintings using multiple layers of rich textures and colors on wood panels, reflect his experiences of living in Italy, New York and Philadelphia.

Tedesco describes himself as both an archaeologist and a detective. She enjoys digging, discovering, restoring and seeking what light and dark reveal and transform. The wood panels serve as engraving plates on which the color is embossed and printed. A combination of etching, drawing and painting intertwined to form a cohesive image, revealing the inner light and structure present in the multiple layers of pigment and texture. Tedesco is committed to transmitting the richness and depth of its experiences and observations in this work.

His work has been exhibited internationally and is part of public and private collections.


8/13 – 9/19/2021

“When I paint, I work like an archaeologist: excavating, scratching, discovering and restoring. Forms and figuration appear and disappear as layers reveal and transform the hidden light. -Robin Tedesco-

Bruce Metcalf / “Ornamental Conditions”

10/15 – 11/21/2021

“This series, ‘Conditions of Ornament’, is brand new. My intention is to revive these antique decorative patterns by making them contemporary. I started Xeroxing, tracing and cutting out some of the most spectacular designs I could find, with the aim of combining them in some way or another. It soon became clear that layering was the most effective strategy. I could do a new mix of unrelated models and force comparisons that were never part of the original uses. It is the collision of very different contexts that makes this work interesting. -Bruce Metcalf-

Karin Birch

10/15 – 11/21/2021

Karin Birch has used hand embroidery and hand-sewn beadwork combined with acrylic paint as a medium for artistic creation for over twenty years. The act of hand-sewing thread and beads is a slow, repetitive process that provides space for uninterrupted reflection. The act of painting is spontaneous, in the moment, physical movement. The combination of these two opposing states gives shape to an endless exploration of the mystery of being. “I work intuitively, exploring personal experiences, energy, movement, nature and the occasional external interruptions of politics. I use this medium of minutiae as a practice to connect with immensity.

Robin tedesco

“Pass Through” – 2020

Oil, Oil transfer on panel

36 ″ x 36 ″

Shane Fero

“Red / White Shifter”, white, red & black

Flamed & acid-etched glass

4.5 “hx 6.6” wx 3 “d

The Market at Fareway, located behind the historic Chestnut Hill Hotel. A feast for your eyes and your stomach. One of the galleries on Gravers Lane favors places to dine, shop, and brick oven pizzas and craft beer.

In front of the Fareway market

Command of

Gravers Lane Gallery

(artist: Mark Chatterley)

Courtesy of Chestnut Hill Hotel and Brewery

With the advancement of the COVID variant, we respectfully demand

that masks be worn inside the Gravers Lane Gallery.

We are more than happy to provide you with a mask.

Located in the historic Chestnut Hill district of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Gravers Lane Gallery represents the best of contemporary crafts, painting and sculpture, with an emphasis on contemporary textile and fiber art 2 and 3D, Unique Jewelry and Mixed Media Art. Gravers Lane remains one of the last remaining galleries representing the full spectrum of Studio Crafts in the United States.

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