LGAB summary: Rainbow Key Awards, Ivy Bottini, Suicide Remembrance

At their meeting on Thursday night, the Lesbian and Gay Advisory Council decided to schedule the annual Rainbow Key Awards as a virtual ceremony on August 19 – then they quickly realized that they had little time left to produce it.

Originally, the board had designed a production consisting largely of prerecorded pieces including introductory featurettes from the winners.

In April, the group recommended that the following nominees receive awards: Nik Kacy; Dr Adrian Ravarour; Masters Troy; Grace Baldridge; Sophie B. Hawkins; Jeff Consoletti; Dante Alencastre and Paulo Murillo.

As the scale of the project became apparent, the question became: who is responsible for putting everything in place?

Liaison Hernan Molina was clear about his position – a producer was needed for this project.

“Someone has to do it. And it won’t be me. It will not be the communication department. One of you has to take responsibility.

Co-chair Robert Gamboa and board member Alex Paris offered to take on the production tasks.

The board members decided to keep the date in August, set about writing a screenplay and looking for suppliers for the production.

Board member Jackie Steele shared details of the upcoming event in honor of late activist Ivy Bottini, a pioneer of women’s rights and LGBTQ.

The city of West Hollywood will honor him on August 18.

The celebration, still in the planning stages, will feature speakers, artists, singers and poets in a hybrid production of live and pre-recorded content.

Board member Miss Tiger spoke of two options in mind for a planned memorial to the lives lost to suicide in the LGBTQ + community.

1) A mirror with engraved silhouettes that allows the person standing in front of him to see his reflection and “to feel surrounded by love”.

2) An 8’x2 ‘panel with a reflective side to create the same effect as example one. The panel would have water cascading behind and around it and the water would flow into the rocks below.

Miss Tiger noted the seriousness of the project and how unrealistic the current September target date was.

“This is something that is going to get a lot of attention,” Miss Tiger said.

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