Mehru Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Private Ltd of India announces partnership with Massa LLC of Russia to offer solutions to the energy sector in India

Mr. Ashwani Agrawal and the Board of Directors of Mehru Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Ltd. are pleased to announce that they have partnered with Massa LLC. to establish Massa Izolyator Mehru Pvt. ltd

Mehru Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Private Ltd is a certified company that manufactures Instrument Transformers up to 500 kV in India. Mr. Ashwani Aggarwal played a leading role in facilitating the partnership, ensuring that Mehru put pen to paper on a joint venture agreement that would see him establish Massa Izolyator Mehru Pvt. Ltd (MIM Pvt. Ltd) in India with the help of Massa LLC.

Massa Izolyator Mehru Pvt. Ltd, the newly formed joint venture, will provide full manufacturing and services of HV RIP bushings of up to 420 kV capacity from production facilities based in Bhiwadi, India. Mr. Ashwani played a pivotal role in getting the Indian Ministry of Commerce to issue a registration certificate to the Russian-Indian JV MIM Pvt. Ltd in accordance with Indian laws.

Speaking about the establishment of the joint venture, Mr. Ashwani, who is also the Managing Director of Nu-Cork Pvt. ltd. had this to say: “Foundation of MIM Pvt. Ltd is indeed a specific project strategically targeted not only for the Indian market of the electricity sector, but also intended to be part of the international professional community. He will offer to share a unique experience of the most advanced production technologies with the know-how of Massa LLC and Mehru combined in the development, production and supply of high quality HV RIP bushings to all our valued customers in India and across the world. ”

Nu-Cork Pvt. ltd. started in 2005 as a manufacturer and supplier of O-rings and NBR seals for 400 KV class transformers and reactors. Under the leadership of Mr. Ashwani Aggrawal, Nu-Cork has become one of the leading companies in India, pioneering in the manufacture and supply of Nanocrystalline Tapes, PU Snap Rings for Railways, RIP Technology Superior KV class bushings, fluoro-silicone gaskets, and more.

The new MIM Pvt. Ltd aims to provide many benefits to the Indian power sector. Going forward, MIM Pvt. Ltd will ensure full customer satisfaction and a strong and successful relationship as the company hopes to add its full quota to the development of the power sector in India. Moreover, the technology on which the company will operate would be largely provided by Massa LLC, one of the largest such companies in Russia.

About Mr. Ashwani Aggrawal

Mr. Aswani is the Managing Director of Nu Cork Pvt. ltd. and one of the directors of MIM, a newly formed joint venture in India. He is a former chairman of IAMA and a renowned social worker who started the business 20 years ago and built a solid empire of Rs 50 Cr with a 50% market share in the Indian product market. cork in the transformer section.

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