MGM Healthcare performs minimally invasive neurosurgery

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], September 17 (ANI / BusinessWire India): MGM Healthcare, a multi-specialty quaternary care hospital in the heart of Chennai, today announced that it has successfully performed a minimally invasive CT-guided neurosurgical procedure on a patient of 28 years of Bangladesh – for the very first time in the country.

The operation was successfully performed on September 7, 2021. A multidisciplinary team led by Professor K Sridhar – Director of Neuroscience and Spine at MGM Healthcare successfully conducted this complex minimally invasive pain relief procedure on the patient.

A 28-year-old mother Sheuli Goldar from Bangladesh had suffered from severe pain on the left side of her neck and head for 9 years. The constant pain caused her intense agony and hampered her daily activities, including caring for her 8-year-old child.

Speaking about the case, Dr K Sridhar explained “The patient was anxious to be relieved from the unfathomable pain and she sought medical expertise from various hospitals both in their country and in India. She suffered several scans, consultations and different treatments were tried in some of the better hospitals – but none could offer relief. She was then referred to our hospital for further evaluation and treatment of the C2 cervical dorsal root ganglion. left, high in the neck. Once we had clarity from the scans on the underlying problem, the only possible treatment option was to perform a procedure that would destroy the painful fibers in the ganglion – which is a neural junction in general terms. But this was quite difficult as the patient had already been subjected to multiple procedures in other hospitals and also, the anatomy of the area was extremely complex with d Important blood vessels and nearby spinal cord. With technological advances and the expertise available at MGM Healthcare, we decided to perform a minimally invasive procedure rather than open surgery. A CT guided radiofrequency ablation procedure was planned with the assistance of our highly experienced interventional radiology team. “Prof. Navin Gnanasekaran and Dr Arun Kumar, Senior Interventional Radiologists, said” We have converted the CT room to a temporary sterile operating room. The two-part interventional procedure began using high-resolution live CT images and laser marker guidance. In the first part, the lymph node was precisely targeted and a mixture of long-acting local anesthetic steroids was injected. This is called a “Block”; and once the patient confirmed that the pain was gone after the block, the second part of the surgery was performed. After the administration of general anesthesia, a state-of-the-art cooled tip radiofrequency probe was positioned in close proximity to the lymph node and ablation surgery, which is thermal combustion, began. The precise target node temperature was monitored throughout the actual procedure which lasted just 2.5 minutes.

Dr. Ponnaiah, Head of Neuroanesthesia and Neuro-Critical Care, made sure the patient was comfortable under anesthesia and monitored the patient throughout the procedure. C2 dorsal root ganglion removal surgery under CT guidance has never been attempted before in India. It was a great challenge, and we are happy to have been able to meet it without any complications. Computed tomography guidance for minimally invasive neurosurgical procedures is significantly more precise and precise, with significantly reduced risk. “Harish Manian, CEO of MGM Healthcare said:” We are really pleased with the outcome of this first CT guided neurosurgical procedure and hope the patient is able to lead a healthy and normal life. I also commend the efforts of our team of experts as it helps us to become a one-stop and cost-effective destination for any health issue. for life.

Speaking on her experience, the patient said: “I would like to thank the clinical team led by Dr K Sridhar at MGM Healthcare for giving me new life. I would like to thank the nursing team for their service. tireless during these testing times. ”This story is provided by BusinessWire India. ANI will not be responsible for the content of this article in any way. (ANI / BusinessWire India)

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