MP artist sculpts Gangubai Kathiawadi portrait of Alia Bhatt on paneer

Alia Bhatt’s latest outing Gangubai Kathiawadi is not only successful at the box office, it has also managed to win over the public. Bhatt’s look in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film has also become a topic of discussion, and now an artist has paid homage to him by sculpting his face on a block of paneer.

While culinary art is not new to the internet, Ashta artist Madhya Pradesh is making waves online after carving the actor’s portrait with the signature red bindi as seen in the film, her head covered with a sari pallu.

Sharing the process in a now-viral Reel video posted to Instagram, artist Praful Jain was seen carving Gangubai’s face into the surface of a paneer slab with a sharp paper cutter. Then using the same technique as the coffee stain art, Jain used soy sauce to reveal the portrait.

“This art form is really difficult but I love doing it, especially jab ghar by paneer ban ne wala hota hai (when the paneer is about to be home cooked),” he wrote in the caption. He also clarified that the food was not wasted as the paneer was eaten later.

Talk to, the 21-year-old artist said: “I made paneer pakoda with the same one later,” adding that it took about an hour and a half to do the portrait. “I keep the whole process so hygienic that I could eat it later,” he added.

Explaining how the idea of ​​using paneer for paintings came to him, Jain said it was actually more of a coincidence that started the series. Previously, he also made a paneer portrait of Vicky Kaushal as Sardar Udham Singh using the same technique.

“I was eating paneer one day and there was a split in the middle, I saw a pattern and realized I could make art with it,” he said. “I always enjoy experimenting with non-traditional art forms. Making art with different things, like everyday objects, fascinates me,” he explained.

While his creativity impressed many online, who tagged the actor to see his unique work, others kept cracking jokes asking if “chilli paneer was on the menu that night. “.

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