nlumec® will make you see candles in a new light

nlumec® encourages us to rethink the way we consume candles. Each meticulously crafted candle is a modern representation of emotion designed to be transformed when lit. You might think nlumec® candles are too complex to burn, but the brand actively invites viewers to light their candles and witness the transformation taking place. To take advantage of the light, you have to erase the art.

Camila Navas and Alex Posadas

Inspired by the creation of light and its role in art and physical space, the founders of nlumec® Camila Navas and Alex Posadas explore its relationship with the observer with thought and intention. The dynamic connection between light and form is illustrated through the geometric shape of each candle and their hyper-detailed engravings. As the candles burn, the engravings evolve into a delicate net-like structure around the candle flame. There are 3 unique patterns, each named in Latin after an emotional state of being – Gravis, Fortis, and Miratus – and mixed with different meanings. Composed of materials as ephemeral as the emotions themselves, nlumec® candles use a blend of ethically sourced beeswax, with cotton and hemp fibers. The thoughtful spirit and careful construction of nlumec® creations prove that candles can do more than create a warm atmosphere, they can be supports for emotional expression through light.

nlumec fortis candle before and after lighting

Fortis nlumec® candle
/ ˈFôrdəs / strong, powerful, firm.

nlumec gravis candle before and after ignition

Gravis nlumec® candle
gra‧vis / ˈɡrɑ (ː) ʋis /, [ˈɡrɑ(ː)ʋis̠] important, worthy, heavy, heavy.

nlumec miratus candle before and after lighting

Miratus nlumec® candle
mīrātus: astonished, amazed.

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