PM: Part of Oppn was unhappy with record hits: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

New Delhi, September 18

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday that the record 2.5 crore doses of Covid vaccine India delivered yesterday made its 71st birthday unforgettable.

“Birthdays come and go but yesterday will be etched in my memory as an unforgettable day when we did what even great nations could not do. Everyone was constantly looking at the vaccine tracker filled with pride. India delivered 15.62 lakh vaccine doses per hour, 26,000 doses per minute and 434 doses per second on Friday, ”the prime minister said, speaking to Covid health workers in Goa, which is the ‘one of the few states and UTs where adults have been fully covered by the first dose of vaccine.

Unforgettable birthday

Birthdays come and go, but September 17th will be etched in my memory as an unforgettable day when we did what even great nations could not do. – Narendra Modi, Prime Minister

In a veiled blow to Congress, the Prime Minister noted that “a certain political party had a fever yesterday when the country took a milestone in vaccination.” He said people often don’t realize the extensive logistics involved in delivering a crore of doses per day.

Yesterday India delivered 82% of all doses administered globally (2.27 crore) while the rest of the world delivered 18% of doses (54 lakh).

“India yesterday set a new record by delivering more than 4 / 5ths of the doses administered globally,” the government said. The Prime Minister said earlier that India’s vaccination record was a reflection of India’s prowess and would be judged as such. “It is our duty to sing the praises of this record,” said the Prime Minister.

He added that in the future, the government would give higher priority to tourist-dominated states in its vaccination campaign. He also warned people not to take the virus lightly.

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