R2 Innovations brings the first smokeless Nano Mist Aerosol™ technology to the tobacco industry

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AIR2™ Nano Mist Aerosol™

AIR2™ Nano Mist Aerosol™ Nicotine Inhaler

The new aerosol delivery system with micellized nicotine offers smokers a reduced nicotine alternative to electronic, oil-based nicotine delivery systems.

Providing a new product with reduced nicotine content, while achieving the same desired nicotine experience that smokers have come to expect from smoking tobacco or using ENDS is our goal,”

— said Robert Matuszewski, CTO of R2 Innovations.

CENTENNIAL, COLORADO, USA, July 22, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — R2 Innovations, LLC, a Colorado company, is pleased to announce the completion of its Air2™ nicotine inhaler, Nano Mist Aerosol™. After years of research and product development, the Air2™ delivery system is the first of its kind, smokeless, usable anywhere and reduced nicotine inhaler, infused with functional botanical terpenes to provide a safer and more less addictive to smokers.

R2’s efforts to deliver such a revolutionary device and product offering to the tobacco market could have an unprecedented effect on reducing tobacco-related deaths worldwide, while remaining in line with the “unified agenda” of the current Biden administration, a compilation of planned federal programs. regulatory measures published twice a year, including the Food and Drug Administration’s proposed standard “that would establish a maximum level of nicotine in cigarettes and certain finished tobacco products by May 2023.”

The patent-pending Air2™ delivery system, available in the first quarter of 2023, uses micelle, a water-based, 99% pure natural product extracted from tobacco leaves, providing a smokeless nicotine alternative to ENDS. The Air2™ delivery system, priced at $5 to $15 for disposable units and $20 to $40 for durable and reusable units, will initially be made available to tobacco, hemp and cannabis users through tobacco shops and marijuana dispensaries, followed by convenience wholesale distribution and grocery stores. Air2™ does not use or incorporate nicotine salt or nicotine base as ingredients, eliminating commonly used synthetic additives such as propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and e-acetate. “Delivering a new product with reduced nicotine content, while achieving the same desired nicotine experience that smokers expect from smoking tobacco or using ENDS is our goal,” said Robert Matuszewski, Chief Technology Officer of R2 Innovations.

The innovative Air2™ nicotine delivery device eliminates the need for a power source, heating elements and the associated non-durable disposable batteries that not only generate toxic waste, but also compound plastic and electronic waste. Air2™ also solves inaccurate and inconsistent dosing issues with ENDS, by incorporating a metering valve that dispenses a precise volume of proprietary micellar nicotine formula. “R2’s nicotine formulas are micellized, a phase separation of water from oil, making them bio-absorbable, or more bioavailable to the body without changing their molecular shape and structure, allowing up to 80% less nicotine to achieve similar results compared to smoking or vaping,” explains Robert Senter, CEO of R2 Innovations.

Major tobacco companies around the world are actively looking for a new direction, shifting tobacco products to smokeless alternatives and reducing harm. R2’s patent-pending pressurized aerosol, inhalation delivery device, method and manufacturing process address this need within the tobacco industry, while significantly reducing nicotine levels for consumers. and providing a safer environment for those in close proximity to tobacco users.

About R2 Innovations:
R2 Innovations, LLC (R2), was founded by Robert L. Senter and Robert E. Matuszewski as a privately held Colorado company that develops proprietary remedy-specific aerosol formulations for products incorporating distillates, concentrates, isolates, water-soluble micellar technology, micellized liquid(s), and/or formulations for use in products, including but not limited to infused beverages and aerosol atomizers, pressurized and metered, inhalers, sublingual aerosols, and topical aerosols for licensing and distribution in the legal cannabis, hemp, and nicotine industries in the United States and around the world. www.R2Innovations.com

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