Raymond Arnold presented his fourth work as part of Ailleurs Monde 202 | The Examiner

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Queenstown painter and printmaker Raymond Arnold has presented his fourth work as part of Elsewhere in the World 2021. The work spanned 10 years, with each individual print inspired by a different encounter with the landscape. The copper plaques represent the artist’s own connection to the region’s copper mining history, illustrating both the natural ruggedness of the region. The title of the work reflects the remoteness of the west coast, as well as its tormented human history, but also shows a resilient landscape. Born in Victoria in 1950 and moved to Hobart in 1983, Mr Arnold arrived in Tasmania amid the Franklin Dam protests. The result of this experience was that he identified strongly with the West Coast, later moving there to live and work. “I walk the dogs a lot in the hills around Queenstown and started sketching the scenery on those walks, sometimes while we were camping on Mount Lyell Ridge,” Mr Arnold said. “Over time, I started to build this collection of plates and assembled them into panoramas of the landscape, the vegetation and the tiny plants that returned to the landscape. “Initially I want to project a sense of wonder, about the beauty, the natural forms and the relationships within the landscape. Then, looking a little closer, you might see there’s a bit of a visible dam , or tree stumps, or pressure on the landscape in some way.”


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