Samsung would kill the Galaxy Note once and for all

If you were hoping that Samsung’s Galaxy Note line could make a triumphant return, we’ve got some bad news. ANDNews Samsung reports that Samsung is ending production of the Galaxy Note line at the end of the year. If you’ve been following Samsung for the past few months, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. At the end of last year, rumors began to spread that Samsung would ignore a new Note model in 2021. Samsung initially denied these rumors, but eventually admitted that the chip shortage could force it to go. hand. It is now almost December and the Note 21 is nowhere to be found.

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Samsung would end production of the Galaxy Note

According to ANDNews, Samsung has excluded the Galaxy Note from its annual smartphone production plan for 2022. In addition to removing the product line, Samsung would also remove existing models. Instead, Samsung will bring the iconic features of the Note line to the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

The render shows the purported design of the Galaxy S22 Ultra.  - Credit: @OnLeaks and Digit

The render shows the purported design of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. – Credit: @OnLeaks and Digit

@OnLeaks and Digit

Leaks have suggested that next year’s Ultra model will feature a built-in S Pen. This was the flagship feature that previously set the Note line apart from the smaller S models. A few months ago, detailed renderings of the Galaxy S22 Ultra started appearing online. The S22 Ultra appears to be a complete successor to the Galaxy Note. It will be much thicker than the rest of the S22 lineup to accommodate the S Pen, and its supposed 6.8-inch screen is almost as large as that of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Samsung has yet to announce the Galaxy S22 series, so take it all with a grain of salt. Again, when was the last time Samsung managed to keep the launch of a phone a secret? If the Galaxy S22 Ultra looks like we’ve come to expect, there won’t be a need for a new Note.

Why would Samsung kill the Note?

In his report, ANDNews says Samsung is leaving the Note line to focus on making foldable phones. Samsung would be able to cut costs, stabilize production yields and improve process efficiency. The company hopes to replace the Note line’s sales volume with the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip in the coming years. The report states that Samsung shipped 12.7 million Note units in 2019 and 9.7 million in 2020. Meanwhile, Samsung’s sales target for its foldable phones in 2022 is 13 million units, exceeding what the Note range has achieved in recent times.

Traditionally, Samsung launched its flagship Galaxy S in the first half of the year and its Galaxy Note in the second half. Going forward, the Z Fold and Z Flip will likely become Samsung’s flagship device in the second half of the year. According to recent reports, Samsung plans to unveil the Galaxy S22 series in early February 2022. Samsung held its launch event for the Galaxy S21 in January, but chip shortages and shipping delays make it unlikely that the company is targeting a also early launch in 2022. ANDNews claims that Samsung will start serial production of the next Galaxy Z models in the third quarter of next year.

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