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Who doesn’t like architectural models? These small-scale versions of structures are revered treasures of the industry. While 3D modeling software and VR / AR have transformed the idea of ​​the model, it is always safe to say that the profession of model maker will always play a key role in understanding the structures within a space.

The skill and precision behind architectural models continue to be a valued tool for presenting a new project. Companies like MAD Architects, for example, continue to amaze design professionals and architecture enthusiasts with their fascinating models. To learn more about the art of architectural models, we focus on the model making practice Gemmiti Model Art based in San Francisco. Their work and passion for model making has positioned them as one of the best practices in model making for over 30 years.

California Pacific Model Medical Center in Cathedral Hill. (scale 3/32 “= 1 ‘) Image © Gemmiti Model Art

Founded by Lisa Gemmiti in 1999, Gemmiti Model Art has worked with Apple, NASA, Adobe and renowned architectural firms like Renzo Piano. Gemmiti explains her love for “the technical and artistic challenges presented to us. I am fortunate to work with a group of skilled model artists who share my passion for model making.”

As the art of model making has evolved through laser cutting, CNC machining and 3D printing, she adds, “We appreciate that models are labor intensive, so we want to help our customers. to maximize every hour we spend on their project. It is very gratifying to see our models used and to see the communicative power that physical models have when presented to a group or are simply left in a room for people to discover and explore on their own.

Atrium Nordstrom San Francisco. (scale 1/4 “= 1 ‘) Image © Gemmiti Model Art

Currently, the practice is looking for a Senior Architectural Model Maker to join its team. In their list, they explain that their ideal candidate is someone who can “conceive and supervise their design, and who also has practical experience in model making to work with us full time. We are also open to specialists who work in as independent entrepreneurs. ”

The skills required for model making don’t just include a steady hand. The candidate should also be familiar with AutoCAD or Rhino beyond professional experience in assembling professional scale models and using manufacturing machines such as laser cutters, 3D printers, CNC machines. and metal engraving. Other skills required for this position include “Plastic Manufacturing, Woodworking, Rhinocam, Spray Painting (HVLP), Furniture Making, LED Lighting Design and Installation, and Landscaping. models “.

DeSilva Court, Eight, Inc. (scale 1/4 “= 1 ‘) Image © Gemmiti Model Art

While the pandemic has impacted many architectural firms and design firms, Gemmiti shares that significant warehouse updates have been made to ensure health and safety measures are adhered to. “We work in a nice warehouse in the Mission District in an 8,600 square foot facility. Our model store is very organized and fully equipped with laser cutters, 3D printers, CNC machines, paint room, a huge dust collector and everything needed for model building and furniture to display models. We spent much of the Covid shutdown modernizing our facilities in anticipation of the influx of work, which is here now. “

Apple Store 5th Avenue in New York, NY. (scale 1/8 “= 1”) Image © Gemmiti Model Art

Many of their projects have been shown in the United States and abroad. With a client base made up of leading architects, developers, engineers and many others, their passion and commitment to model building make them leaders in the field. To learn more about the position, click here.

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