The auto industry faces unprecedented change

BERLIN, December 11, 2020 / PRNewswire / – While automobiles that use fossil fuels are inherently unsustainable, the lack of viable alternatives has led the world to look away from this reality. However, the rise of electric car makers like Tesla has forced more attention to events like the German diesel scandal of 2019, drawing the attention of consumers and investors to massive changes that could soon shake up the market. global automobile.

Car Pi will change the automotive industry more than Tesla

Germany has long been known as one of the world’s epicenters in automotive engineering. However, standards are changing rapidly in the automotive market. As the diesel scandal of 2019 clearly shows, adherence to increasingly stringent emissions regulations is a natural incentive for deception on a large scale, and automobiles that use internal combustion engines are increasingly threatened by emissions. electric cars produced by Tesla and its competitors.

In the Car Pi we have automotive technology that both serves as an alternative to Tesla’s rechargeable batteries and blows the internal combustion technology out of the water.

The power of the Pi car has no end

the Neutrino energy group chose the name “Car Pi” because of the infinite nature of the value of pi. Just as the numbers of this value go on forever, the revolutionary energy technology included in the Car Pi will continuously propel this unprecedented automotive innovation.

In 2015, it was discovered that neutrinos have mass, indicating that these ethereal “ghost particles” can also be harnessed to generate electrical energy. The first demonstration of neutrinovoltaic technology took place in 2017, proving that it is possible to derive electricity from kinetic force. . Nanoscale doped graphene micro-vibrations structured in the appropriate geometry and shape are key. When implemented in automobiles, neutrinovoltaic energy will initially complement existing battery technologies and ultimately eliminate the need for batteries altogether. Combined with the incorporation of lightweight materials into compact automotive frames, the innovative energy technology behind the Car Pi ultimately establishes a new paradigm of zero-emission vehicles that never have to be recharged.

The last German car revolution will change the world

Once again, one of the greatest revolutions in automotive technology will emerge in Germany. However, Holger Thorsten Schubart, the visionary philanthropist behind the Neutrino Energy Group, won’t do it alone. Rely on partners from United States, India, and beyond, Schubart is building an international coalition of like-minded scientists and engineers who will make Car Pi a reality.

There is no reason for the automotive market to slow down just because our current technologies are not up to par. Innovation will always light our way to the future.

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Car Pi will change the automotive industry more than Tesla

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